Bushkill Economy Swarm Trap


Updated for 2017 – Now made with 3/4″ pine sides with dadoed frame rests for a sturdier design.

The advantage of the Bushkill swarm trap is that it holds standard size frames which allows for easy moving of captures swarm to a traditional bee hive.   The trap will hold medium or deep sized frames.



The Bushkill Swarm Trap has come about after many years of trial and error.   We are very happy with our current design and have had many requests for it to be made available for purchase.

More videos can be seen HERE

Each trap comes with 2 vials of our swarm lure paste.  We recommend only using one at a time and storing additional lures in the freezer.  To use the lure, just puncture the top of the vile with a pin or sharp object.  A small pin hole is plenty big enough and the lure will last a whole season.  If the hole is made too big, the lure may dissipate before the season has ended.   Simple place the punctured lure through the entrance hole and hang the trap by the hanger.   We recommend hanging the trap 8 to 12 feet above the ground and in a place away from foot traffic.

Our experience has shown the best results are when an old comb frame is used in addition to swarm lure. We set up all our traps with an old comb in the middle and two wired foundationless frames on either side.  Just be aware that if the comb gets infested with wax moths, it may be a deterrent to a swarm.

By nature, swarms are prepared to build lots of comb when they find a new nesting site.  Foundationless frames give them plenty of space to build nice new comb. Wired frames are imperative to prevent comb failure when moving an occupied trap.  New comb is very soft and fragile.  Regardless of the care taken, you WILL experience comb failure when moving swarm traps without proper support of the comb.  A single wire provides a second anchor point for the comb and is more than sufficient support for normal swarm trap handling.

Optionally, we offer the trap with four 9-1/8 wired foundation-less frames installed.  Just add an old comb frame of your own.

We also offer a swarm screen for moving a trap once a swarm moves in.  The swarm screen allows for transporting a full trap without worries of the bees overheating.  Bees need to be able to get outside the entrance to fan and circulate air to prevent overheating.  Stapling screen over the entrance does not allow the bees to circulate air and keep the trap cool.  The swarm screen includes an entrance cone that allows field bees to return to the trap, but prevents bees in the trap from leaving.  The screen can be put on at anytime during the day and a couple hours later the trap can be moved.  Swarm screen includes two captive screws so they will not be lost.  Screen can be screwed to the bottom of the trap for storage and be available when needed.

To keep cost and weight down, our traps are made of 3/8″ plywood.  If properly protected with paint and taken down in the off season,  traps will last many seasons.

As with all budget grade woodenware,  knots and imperfections can be expected, but trap will be structurally sound.



Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 19.875 x 17.5 x 9 in

Include, Do not include


Include, Do not include


Due to a recent death in our family we have ceased manufacturing of bee vacs and swarm traps. When/If we will resume is unknown at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.